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First Major Airline to Combat Global Child Trafficking

New York, NY (March 9, 2011) – ECPAT-USA, a nonprofit organization that advocates for policies to protect sexually exploited children, announced that Delta Air Lines has become the first major airline in the world to enter the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children by signing the tourism Code of Conduct (The Code). The Code specifically focuses on the protection of children from sexual exploitation in the travel and tourism industries. While The Code has been signed by almost 1,000 travel industry members worldwide, Delta is the first U.S. air carrier and the third U.S. organization to sign.

As a subscriber to The Code, Delta will implement policies that condemn child trafficking and provide training to help their employees identify and report trafficking activities. Delta will also raise awareness among customers by including information about ECPAT and the Code in its Sky magazine and delta.com website.

According to Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of ECPAT-USA, the purpose of The Code is to prevent and mitigate child trafficking, as well as encourage a socially responsible, child-wise tourism industry.

“All travel companies could unwittingly be facilitating the sex trafficking of children. If they do nothing to raise awareness or to prevent child trafficking, they risk becoming an indirect and unintentional conduit for the abuse that takes places,” said Smolenski. “We applaud Delta Air Lines for taking the first step toward helping fight the sex trafficking of children that has become a global epidemic.”

“It continues to be a challenge to reach U.S. companies; a lot of companies struggle with the fear that associating their company name with the tragic reality of child sex tourism will hurt their corporate brands or public images,” said Smolenski. “We are thrilled to have a company like Delta pioneering the way for other U.S. airlines and businesses to join this fight.”

Other U.S. organizations that have signed The Code include Carlson Companies, which owns the popular Radisson Hotels, and Global Exchange’s Reality Tours. Smolenski noted that Delta’s signing of The Code is an important milestone in ECPAT’s ongoing efforts to reach U.S. travel companies and create awareness of their need to provide leadership in tackling child trafficking incidents that can happen within their premises.

“On behalf of Delta and its leadership team, Delta is proud to be the first U.S. airline to sign The Code. We look forward to playing a role in ECPAT’s important mission to raise awareness about and combat child trafficking. Delta prides itself on doing what is right, and this is the morally right thing to do,” said Richard Anderson, CEO, Delta Air Lines.

Smolenski added: “ECPAT-USA is grateful for the work of Sister Valerie Heinonen of Mercy Investment Services for helping create this new partnership with Delta Air Lines.”



The last three weeks, Slavery Still Exists has been buzzing around planning for next term.  In the midst of ideas and dreams, some formative plans are emerging, and they are incredibly exciting.  If you’re on or near the University of Oregon campus, join us this Friday at 4 pm in Friendly 106.  We only have two more meetings this term, and so much exciting decision-making to do.  Next week, we’ll vote on the t-shirt design for this year, and we hope to produce them through FreeSet Global, check it out!

The Dark Side of Chocolate

Perhaps Valentine’s Day is a great reason to indulge in some dark chocolate.  Maybe you show your significant other you love them with chocolate.  Ever wondered who worked to bring you your chocolate?


Free screening this Wednesday (2/9) at 6 pm in room 125 of McKenzie Hall on the University of Oregon campus.   Open to the public.  Free fair-trade goodies.  Movie duration: 46 minutes. Discussion follows.

Weekly Meetings

Slavery Still Exists now has an official meeting time (and place) for this term.

Fridays, at 4 pm in Friendly room 106.

Join us!

Justice Walk

Tonight was India Partners’ Justice Walk and SSE (and OATH) were proud to attend and given the opportunity to speak on their causes.  As I heard murmers about their trip to Mumbai this August, we walked around downtown Eugene with candles.

Check out some of the pictures!

Elections this Friday!

It’s elections season, and time to kick-off what’s to be the best year of SSE yet.  We’ll be meeting this Friday at 2:30 pm in PLC room 248.

Last meeting we approved the mission statement of SSE, which is as follows:

The mission of Slavery Still Exists, on the campus of the University of Oregon, is to inform and educate people about the issue of human trafficking and to bring about revolutionary change, locally and globally.

We also constructed the leadership structure for the year, which includes the following positions up for election this Friday:

-President – leads meetings, has the power to make final group decisions, represents group at functions, motivates group to pursue a common vision, promotes the purpose of SSE to the community
-Vice President – supports the President and shares in their responsibilities, assumes the President’s position if they are no longer able to perform their duties
-Secretary – maintains the website, updates the group’s social media, sends out group communications (particularly, e-mails), checks the mailbox in the EMU
-Director of Finances – manages the H & H Fund and the ASUO program budget, works with members to pay for/reimburse for SSE expenses
-Director of Fundraising – manages fundraising efforts at events and with businesses, applies for funding through the ASUO
-Director of Membership – plans outreach programs, maintains the member list-serve
-Director of University Relations – maintains group relations with the ASUO, stands as the group’s ASUO Representative in all matters, orchestrates Department outreach for programs
-Director of Service – organizes volunteer opportunities with local organizations related to the mission of the group
-Director of Events – manages events hosted by the group, particularly working with the group member(s) in charge of said events
-Director of Publishing – manages the publication of posters, fliers, t-shirts, etc., works with designers, informs local media of events
-Director of Community Relations – organizes petitions, directs community outreach, informs group of regional conferences to attend, maintains communication with the organizations (particularly, nonprofits) the group works with

The majority of the meeting this Friday will be elections for these positions; consider running for a position or two and nominating a friend for another!  We’ll start with the Director positions and work our way up, allowing each person up for election to give a short speech on their interest in and qualifications for the position their running for.  You do not need to be present to run for a position, simply reply with your name, desired position, and a paragraph on why you’d like to run and you will be added to the ballot.

After the meeting we’ll discuss upcoming events, particularly Compassion2One’s Mall Training in Eugene.  We need you there even if you’re not running for a position!


Upcoming Events:

Volunteer Opportunity THIS WEEK in Eugene with India Partners as they prepare for their benefit dinner,  “Rescue on the Circar Express”.  Contact Kaytie Fielder at kaytie@indiapartners.org

Volunteer in Portland THIS WEEKEND, Saturday, Oct 23rd at 6:30 pm at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion with India Partners at their annual benefit dinner, “Rescue on the Circar Express.” Contact Kaytie Fielder at kaytie@indiapartners.org

Compassion2One Mall Training for Human Trafficking Identifying and Reporting, Oct 30th, 4 pm, $10 for students, $20 for adults, RSVP with Dr. Cyndi Romine at mail@romineministries.org

U.S. citizens account for 25% of sex tourism worldwide, and as much as 80% in Latin America.

The number one destination for Americans seeking sex with a child?

The North West.

—–> Tonight, come to PLC 180 to watch “Playground,” a documentary on the sex trade in the US, starting at 7:00 PM. We’re screening it free of charge, and you can watch the trailer here: http://www.playgroundproject.com/

Coming up: Thursday at 7 pm in PLC 180 Doug Justus and Meghan Burkeen from the Portland Vice Detail are coming to speak about Slavery in Oregon.
Doug Justus was recently featured on Dan Rather Reports in the show, “Pornland, Oregon” which has since been in the top 20 downloads on iTunes and one of the most visited Huffington Post articles!http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dan-rather/pornland-oregon-child-pro_b_580035.html

Pass it along!